DS93X Damasteel Vinland TM Total lenght 380mm Blade sharp 230mm Thickness blade 2,1 mm tapered at the tip Height of the blade near the handle 64mm HRC 61,5 Handle stabilized burl amboyna wood DS95X Damasteel Fenja collar, 416 steel spacer and DS95X Damasteel Odin Heim TM for the back Weight 222 grams €1.000 fixed price + iva  


DS93X Damasteel Loki TM, total length 360mm Blade 205mm Thickness blade 2mm tapered at the tip Height of the blade 50 mm HRC 63 Handle and saya stabilized quilted maple wood Handle with mother of pearls’ double insert, 416 steel spacer Weight 166 grams Saya: White G10, 416 pins, latch made in super tusk € 950 fixed price +iva